Black Clover Episode 16 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 16 Dubbed

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  • Mario David


  • AspergianStoryteller

    … I wonder if Yuno is a bit of a tsundere?

    • KabukikAwaiidEsu

      tsundere is a female term

      • Jasmine Dupree

        But with the cold outside warm inside meaning it can still fit his personality

      • godof anime

        tsundere is not only for female lol

        • KabukikAwaiidEsu

          Would you care to take that against my diploma in Japanese

  • Denn442

    4 days and 2 houer to wait ×_×” hmm wurth it ^__^

  • KabukikAwaiidEsu

    its obvious that guy is related or has some affiliation with asta because he can use anti-magic too. Just as asta can’t be sensed, this guy can’t either and was the reason he could sneak up on vermillion. It’s also the reason he cut right through yuno’s attack.

  • Phillip Chindia

    Luck Whoa what a past story