Black Clover Episode 23 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 23 Dubbed

=======>Black Clover Episode 23 Dubbed is Online<=======

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  • Vexed_Wolf

    cant wait for this episode to drop in an hour

  • 16Pains

    i hate/love this show

  • Denn442

    2th big enemy it promisses a lot 🙂

  • Dano Leno

    3 ads and counting tf.

  • Phillip Chindia

    The new pictures for the theme is lit.

  • Phillip Chindia

    I hate the king augusta

  • Phillip Chindia

    Leopold is awesome

    • Erik bojay

      Not only is he a noble and the leader of the the Crimson Lions but he’s noble at heart and a true leader

  • orionriedel

    Screw all the ads

  • Juan

    i cant believe how long they have to go to catch up to the Manga