Black Clover Episode 26 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 26 Subbed

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Manga Chapters Adapted : Chapter 31

About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 26 Subbed
Episode Title – “Wounded Beasts”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Wounded Beasts

  • Natsu Dragneel Z

    ohayu minna-san you too kurama sensei

  • Natsu Dragneel Z

    yosh lets enjoy the action :/ )

  • joy costa

    After watching the episode damn I felt like fainting o.o That was amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • LittleMiles

    Jolly good episode

  • Deniz Bircan

    wait isnt that guy from the noelle´s family? he is the mastermind evil?

    • Delfin Lucero Pregil II

      No he shares body with William vageance captain of golden dawn. Licht captain of white knight He killed wizard king. Yami suehiro black bull captain defeated licht but sad to say wizard king died

  • Obitobito

    Nice. Finally time magic!!
    You don’t See that often in (elemental) magic anime ^^
    and i guess the villain has light magic. That’s why he was so fast…

  • Ricky N Jocelyn

    im SO tired of 13.50 minute episodes. the episode starts 5 min into after “play” and ends at 21 min – WITH every “commercial break” having 30 seconds of repete material!

    • IX

      more like 2 mins of repeat material
      But yes i agree its really annoying

    • Tig Mandark

      they’re trying to be as long-running as possible, so they value length per episode over impact per episode.

  • IX

    Why do they always end episodes like that
    .. Dicks

    • Sorrow

      Let AOT season 3 start and thats when you will realize what cliff hanger is

      • Abdulla Ali