Black Clover Episode 28 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 28 Subbed

=======>Black Clover Episode 28 Subbed is Online<=======

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Manga Chapters Adapted : Chapter 32

  • Scientist SanTa

    nice i was just in time, had to wait just 6min for the episode :3

  • Sarthak kaushik

    Fuck the animation is so badassss

  • Deniz Bircan

    ofc asta wins the mixer even without knowing what it is 😀

    of the 3 girls she had the best fun time and said she would not give up on him ^^

  • Lolboar

    The day Asta realizes he can never marry a lady of the cloth he’ll probably marry all he’s love interests as the magic king

    • cjdedj


  • Piper Grim

    Still waiting for some fan service of sister Lilly

  • Piper Grim

    I can feel this anime turning into a harem and I’m ok with that 🤩👍

  • iyandre

    df was dis, i aint here for a love story. Oh and why the fck are there blurs.